The following conditions for the realization of the donation contain the information prior to the donation that is intended to be offered on the website www.fundacionricardofisas.org and other rights and obligations that may arise from the relationship between RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION, domiciled in C/ ARTESANS, 12 PARC TECNOLÒGIC DEL VALLÈS – 08290 CERDANYOLA DEL VALLÈS (BARCELONA) and provided with CIF G64886039.

1. Object.
These Conditions regulate the donation process through the web property of “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION“, which voluntarily wish to make donors who previously filled out the corresponding form, with the necessary data to carry out the relationship between “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” and the donors, and who have given their full consent and acceptance, without reservation, of each and every one of the conditions published by “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” at each moment in which the User accesses said website. The donor must read the Conditions in full every time he wishes to make a donation to “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” through this website. The Conditions will apply to all donations that are wished to be made on the Web, with the rules in force at the time of making each donation.

2. Donor concept and registration.
A donor is understood to be one who accesses the Web, who records the required data requested and makes a donation following the corresponding instructions of the website and has previously provided their consent and full acceptance with these Conditions. “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” reserves the right to cancel the donation if the information provided is considered false or inaccurate by “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION“.

3. Acceptance of the established conditions.
The User has access, at any time, to the instructions for use of the Website, as well as to its use and acceptance of the Website. By simply browsing through the website and / or making any donation, the donor accepts, without reservation, the navigation instructions and, in particular, each and every one of the Conditions of Use, its Legal Notice And Privacy Policy, as well as the particular Conditions that, if applicable, govern the making of donations. In case of disagreement, the user should exit the website. In the event the donor makes a mistake in the introduction of the data, he or she must communicate it to “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” by telephone or using the e-mail address that appears in the Contact section of the website. The donor declares, under his or her responsibility, that he or she is of legal age, has read in full the present Particular conditions of the donations offered by “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION“; as well as the instructions and indications that, for the displacement or navigation in the referred website, appear in each one of the screens, accepting them fully.

4. How can I make a donation?
By bank transfer or a deposit directly in one of our bank accounts, writing in the concept “Donation”. Account holder: RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION
LA CAIXA: 2100-1370-19-0200126664 | BANC SABADELL: 0081-5118-16-0001110221
Also, if you need a receipt for your donation, please let us know (via mail or telephone) and give us the following information: name, NIF, postal address, email address, quantity and date. All donations made to “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” exempt income taxes. “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” recognizes and defends the high standards of transparency and credibility of:

5. Confirmation of donation.
Once the donation has been made, “RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION” will send the donor the acceptance of the donation made in the shortest possible time. Acceptances will be sent by e-mail to the email account that has entered in the form.

6. Geographical coverage.
The geographical coverage of donations is not limited to any territory. Donations are accepted from anywhere.

7. Donation timetable.
Donors can make donations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any computer that has access to the Internet and meets the specified technical requirements and other means provided.

8. Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

The RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ FOUNDATION is responsible for the treatment of personal data provided under your consent and informs you that this data will be treated in accordance with the provisions in the regulations in force in protection of personal data, in order to maintain a business relationship . They will be preserved while there is a mutual interest to maintain the end of the treatment and when it is no longer necessary for that purpose, they will be eliminated with adequate security measures to guarantee the pseudonymization of the data or the total destruction of the same. The data will not be communicated to third parties, except legal obligation. Likewise, it is reported that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and those of limitation and opposition to your treatment by contacting FUNDACIÓN RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ at C / ARTESANS, 12 PARC TECNOLÒGIC DEL VALLÈS – 08290 CERDANYOLA DEL VALLÈS (BARCELONA) or info@fundacionricardofisas.org. If you consider it necessary, you can file a claim at www.agpd.es

Likewise, your data will be used by “FUNDACIÓN RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ” to keep you informed about the activities of our association by any electronic or postal means. The donors who so request, authorize “FUNDACIÓN RICARDO FISAS NATURA BISSÉ” to publish their personal data on the website as well as in any type of advertising, promotion, or publication for information purposes in relation to the donation made. Finally, you can contact us at any time or revoke at any time the consent given to the receipt of commercial communications, sending your request to the email info@fundacionricardofisas.org.