The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation is committed to uplifting and empowering individuals navigating the complexities of cancer, enhancing their well-being and confidence through specialized oncology skin care and hair care solutions. For survivors, we offer skin care and hair care solutions, with the goal of fostering holistic well-being, boosting self-esteem, and nurturing resilience. For spa professionals, we provide the knowledge and tools that allow them to best meet the needs of their guests, including those navigating cancer. Through our expert-led programs, compassionate support, and a community that inspires camaraderie, we enable those on their cancer journey to face life’s challenges with dignity and strength. Driven by the transformative power of touch and the dedication of our partners like Natura Bissé, our mission is to inspire positive change and build a more hopeful and inclusive future for all.

“We feel the need to come together to help disadvantaged people, to play our small part in the world and offer the fruits of our labors to a good cause.”

Ricardo Fisas, the legacy

Born in 1929, Ricardo Fisas was educated by the Jesuits, an order he was a member of until the age of 32. He first came into contact with the world of work as an assistant in the marketing department at Nestlé. After working for a consulting firm, in 1967, he was named president of chewing gum manufacturer Wrigley in Spain, a position he held until 1973.

He was subsequently President of a protein hydrolyzing company until he was laid off at the age of 50. That is when he decided to launch his own business venture, which he named Natura Bissé®. The skincare company was dedicated to creating results-driven cosmetic products and is a world leader in its sector today.

After handing the business down to the next generation of the family in 2008, Ricardo Fisas and his wife Gloria Vergés focused their energies on a humanitarian project which they had had in mind for several years: setting up their own Foundation.

Ricardo Fisas was an admirable person who inspired many who knew him. Effort, commitment, the ability to overcome and human quality are some of the values with which Ricardo weaved into DNA of all the projects he developed, including the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation.

His enthusiasum and positivity, as well as his great warmth and closeness, will always guide this fascinating humanitarian project that he created together with his wife Gloria Vergés, and that his children continue with pride. It leaves behind endless unforgettable moments and stories…




Ricardo Fisas crafted 10 guiding principles for himself, aimed at bringing a little more joy to those around him. This legacy, intended for his children and grandchildren, is a testament to his mission.  At the Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé foundation, we are dedicated to sharing whenever we can to ensure his legacy of bringing happiness to others continues to inspire and uplift people, regardless of their circumstances.



Learn everyone’s name

Accept compliments with a smile
Praise generously
Listen with interest
Be interested in what others are interested in
Be open to the ideas of others
Ask what others think before sharing your own opinion
Don’t argue. Even if you win, you lose.
If you’re wrong, admit it right away
Perform acts of kindness


Chosen as the foundation’s logo for its strength and symbolic charge, Ricardo Fisas’ signature reveals the unique personality of the founder of NATURA BISSÉ.

His graphological report defined him as an open and generous person, with great communication skills and good emotional management. He was also somewhat impatient, and this sometimes led him to act before he could think. He himself pointed out:

 “My qualities are not my merit but have been given to me. I’ve always tried to use them to the fullest. Without the help of my wife and children, my projects would not be the same.”


HIS MOTTO ¡Hagase!  “Make it Happen

With this exhortation, Ricardo Fisas invited all those around him to action.

His own words speak of him…

“My favorite slogan has always been a slogan of action, the famous ‘let’s do it…”

“I surrounded myself with people that were more outgoing, more intelligent…I’m like a good conductor, my job is just to push the,

“When I was young, I was very selfish… Now I wake up every morning thinking about what I can do for others instead of thinking about myself.”

“For me, every company has a social function: to give back to society what it receives from it. I want to give back to the woman all that she has given me…”

“Look at what you can still do from now on. It is with this mindset that the foundation was created.”

Board of Trustees

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Patricia Fisas Vergés


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Gerardo Gomez


Alejandro Garçon Permanyer


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