Interview with Gloria Vergés


We interviewed Gloria Vergés de Fisas, Co-owner and Co-founder of Natura Bissé, and President of the Foundation in Spain.


“The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation started from the concern of its founder, Ricardo Fisas, wanting to return to society what he had received from people in terms of trust in his products.”


Hello, Gloria. Could you explain the Foundation’s philosophy and the Project of Oncology Skin Care?
The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation is an organization whose mission is to contribute to the well-being of people, the Oncology Skin Care Program being the current pillar on which it is based.

Through this program we offer Oncology Skin Care courses, aimed at aestheticians who want to specialize in this field. In the programs that we have organized so far, we have trained more than 1200 aestheticians worldwide.


How did the Foundation come about?
It all started in 2008, when my husband and I decided that was the time to delegate the management of Natura Bissé to our children. We felt the need to be supportive and able to help less favored people. We wanted to do our part in this world and redirect the fruits of our efforts into a good cause. Ricardo once stated, “Either we create a Foundation to give back society all it has given us in terms of trusting our products or (said jokingly) or I start a Natura Bissé II”. That’s where the idea of the Foundation came from.


Why did you choose to focus on giving back through skincare? 
From the beginning, we have invested in giving back.  Initially, the Foundation’s mission was focused on supporting a variety of organizations, but my husband and I felt we could contribute more. We had the support of Natura Bissé and wanted to leverage that expertise in our charitable efforts. Soon the Oncology Skin Care Program was set up, in which Natura Bissé was able to provide R & D and knowledge regarding skin care, training for aestheticians, products for treatments and funding to carry out the project.


Who would you like to thank for the impact the Foundation has had to date?
My husband said he was a good orchestra conductor, and he was, without any doubt. He always recognized that, without his team, he would not have done anything. And that is also reflected in the Foundation, where collaborative spirit and volunteering are essential. It is what animates and makes it grow. He had a very resounding motto, and when he saw it clearly he always told us, “Let’s do it.” And although there is still much to do, I know he would feel proud and happy today. I also want to thank Natura Bissé’s client’s loyalty, those who participate in the Foundation through the donation that the company gives to the Foundation and the generosity of the donors, and the trust of the collaborators. Without all of them, this project would not have been possible. I hope we can continue counting on your support and working together to face future challenges and achieve our future goals.